Yucatan Taqueria, specialising in authentic Southern-Mexican Food, are with us here until the end of May. We asked Matt and Spencer about their approach.


Tell us about the food you make?

Its fusion food specifically from the Yucatán Peninsular.  The rest of Mexico is arid, but the South is tropical, and so this is reflected in the food, its almost Caribbean.  We use pineapple, mango and citrus fruit in marinades and salsas, with rotisserie meat, not sauces like we know from Northern Mexican dishes. Rick Stein just did his series in Mexico and the last one in the series is on Yucutan.

How did you come to specialise in this region particularly? Are either of you Mexican?

No! My business partner Spencer is from California and worked in kitchens alongside so many Mexican chefs and all of their staff meals would be Yucatan. He loved it and got all these recipes from them.

What are you excited about at the Rose and Crown ?

Working from the kitchen is going to really allow us to open up the menu.  Chilaquiles (strips of fried corn tortillas simmered in salsa, and served with cheese, eggs, or beans) & Panuchos (tortillas heated til they puff up stuffed with refried black beans and topped with pulled chicken/pork/beef, tomato, pickled red onion, avocado, and pickled jalapeño pepper).  We’ll also be catering for vegetarian & vegan customers! The flavours are fruity and fresh and zingy, so its perfect for spring. We’ll be doing watermelon ice cream and lime sorbets when the weather warms up, warm tahini dips and guacamole obviously!


Do you have a favourite tipple?

Im an Irish Catholic! Alcohol’s in my blood! I love a Tom Collins -with a marguerita rim, but salt and chilli. And we’re definitely going to try some mezcal pairings while we’re there.

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